Ep 132 - Seraph Tech


This week, the team heads out to visit Futurescape to look into the technology of Rasputin, known to some as Seraph technology. We examine some of the information also that has been presented to us in the new DLC about the Warmind itself - as well as chat about the underlying meaning of the term "Seraph" and what implications might be from that.


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Weekly Question for Next Episode (Extra Lore Summary: HALO)

  • Do you consider Halsey, within the context of the HALO universe, to be a good person?


Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:04:45 | Community Feedback
  • 0:06:45 | Weekly Community Question
  • 0:08:30 | Topic Intro
  • 0:11:45 | Lost Lore: Etymology of "Seraphim"
  • 0:25:15 | Seraphs in Destiny
  • 0:41:30 | Information from Destiny 1
  • 0:52:30 | Weapons of Rasputin
  • 1:08:00 | Look at the Valkyrie
  • 1:23:00 | Seraph Tech & Ascension
  • 1:40:30 | Team Shoutouts & Final Thoughts


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