Ep 86 - Lore Dive (Clovis Bray)

Episode 86 brings Blue, Green, and special guest co-host TTL Goose together to chat about a few different things. Fair warning, this episode is a bit longer than usual, because we actually start off on something of a non-lore note: Goose's Destiny 2 reveal experience and some amazing details about the well known app, Destiny Item Manager (DIM). Once we get done hyping over the reveal (we know - we're still excited, okay?!) - we get down to brass tacks and open Pandora's box: we start talking about the infamous Clovis Bray. 

It's a good chat - but get ready for some deep tangents and debates on the importance of morality (queue Jurassic Park theme - believe me, you'll understand when you get to the part in the episode). 


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Clovis Bray Map


Links Mentioned in Show:

  • Myelin on Clovis Bray (link)
  • Wrath of the Machine armor breakdown (link)

Other Lore Resources

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