Ep 126 - Faction Wars

The team comes back together to discuss the series of conflicts that defined the early days of the Last City on Earth - from the mysterious figure of Lysander and his militant Concordat to the questions that still are unanswered about the nature of what makes the Great Factions so great, get ready for some good chatter this week. Also note that Beard now has a new nickname (check out the conversation at about 1:20:00 in the episode for that tidbit) and we have two major announcements that we're really excited to bring you at the end of the episode (starting at about 1:53:00 for those).


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Weekly Question for Next Episode

  • Do you think the Vex part of Asher will spread throughout his body?


Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:04:30 | Community Feedback
  • 0:10:30 | Weekly Community Question
  • 0:11:30 | Topic Intro
  • 0:15:00 | Lost Lore: Lysander
  • 0:36:00 | Faction Wars: Basic Information
  • 0:37:45 | Faction Wars: When Did They Happen?
  • 0:49:00 | Faction Wars: Where Did They Happen?
  • 0:50:45 | Faction Wars: Who Was Involved?
  • 0:56:30 | Faction Wars: Why Did They Happen?
  • 1:09:30 | The Peacekeepers
  • 1:22:15 | The Original Factions
  • 1:42:30 | Green's Theory on Faction Rallies...
  • 1:45:45 | Dispatches from the Wilds
  • 1:49:00 | Team Shoutouts & Final Thoughts
    • 1:53:00 | Announcement: Saint-14 Project Stream
    • 2:00:00 | Announcement: The Lore Network


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  • Lost Lore Item: Lysander (link)
  • Misc Information
    • Email from 1fox2fox (link)
    • The Lore Network (link)
  • Lore Items
    • Lore Entries from Destiny 2

      • Peacekeepers (link)
    • Grimoire Cards from Destiny 1
    • Other Lore Items
      • Beard's Video (link)


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